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Another Kind of Smoke

The transgression of theater and therefore of human thought and dreams of purple super-trouper lights are gonna find you shining like the sun - in three stages.

T - Tragedy
H - History
C - Comedy

Our Play:

From beyond Uranus we tumble into the world of Time and Times, and unto the Solar Deity.  For now, as we hurtle toward the Earth and yon, look - as we go by - look at the Great Wanderers in the Sky. 

Dramatis Personae:

Up just ahead is Saturn, its mighty rings the symbol of the binding walls of Time itself.  Saturn is The Hotel California.  The Letter B.  The note Ti (natural) - most common in the music of 1500 to 1800 CE.  A probability engine striving for the utmost unification of all transfinite events.  Within its icy core, the Akasha: the library of all that has happened is happening and can happen yet, at least for the Time Being.  Some call Saturn God, but this is only because they have no idea what God might be, and so must give the name Almighty to the greatest mechanism they can imagine.

Outside of Saturn is beyond Time. Dispatches from this distant shore are unreliable and garbled - non-linear and illogical -  and so we call Saturn Seven, as 7 is the most complex of the integral primes and implies the impossibility of the hyperdoxical and super-infinite 8 reaching outside its limits.

Look there, that tiny dot.  It is the Majestic Jupiter and will soon grow to fill the limits of our peripheral acuity.  Big-Bigger-Biggest.  As we draw nigh, you will note a sinewy cable of star-dust that stretches back toward Saturn.  The Aural-Optic Nerves.  Jupiter, you see is an Eyeball Earhole which operates as both viewer, audience and projector of the Cosmic Melodrama.

It is grossly improper to imagine a sexual orientation to the persona of Jupiter, which is the pitfall of all religious thought throughout history and to this very day.  Jupiter is not a fountain-phallus, you Theocrats, nor a tender-teat-for-suckling, o yea Pagans, but an EYE.  Your eye.  That is All.

Because this is a lonely eye, it sees and projects in 2d, from 5 directions: directly, from left, from right, from above, from below.  The secrets of Jupiter can be easily divined by the cinephile, the painter, the tarot occultist, the practiced photographer and the Euclidean Geometer, and in audio by the actor, dancer and acoustic engineer.

In music, Jupiter is the chord that is sometimes called a 'sus' chord or 'sub dominant add four'.  It is formed by the notes Do-Fa-Ti (flat) and is common in blues, folk, jazz, country and rock music.  This particular combination or progression of tones has the quality of suspension, which is why music of this genre is often played into a fade out over vamp, as opposed to the resolution of the key common to the classical genres.      

Numerically, Jupiter is 12, 21 and 42.  These numbers are quite normally placid, balanced and playfully funny. The essence of Joviality, Poetic Justice and the Suspension of disbelief called Faith.

Coming up is Mars.  The Rising Red Sun.  Mars is Christ as he ascends from the Cross, which is simply a metaphor for anti-gravity.  The usual dignity of Mars (and Venus) has been confounded by tome after tome of deliberately confusing literature.  Mars is but one half of a pair of stereoscopic woof-lenses designed to produce the illusion of the 3rd dimension and sound - an illusion called EloVenus is its opposite, implying the Crucified Christ as Gravity and Death.  It's just that easy.

As stated, there has been much trickery in regard to the specific orientation of Mars vs. Venus.

Here is the corrected tale of the tape:

Mars: Peace, Eternity, Anti-Gravity, Vipassana Submission, Left Eye and Ear and Hand (freedom), Right Brain, the number 5, the note Sol, the Man Alive, Gimme Five.

Venus: Calamity, Mortailty, Gravity, Homoepathic Paganism, Right Ear and Eye and Hand (law), Left Brain, the number 6, the note La, Sex and Death, Six Feet Under.

These forces work in perfect harmony as the twin serpents of the caduceus, as the platform, the stage and rigging of the Great Cosmic Theater of Electro-Orgasma-Plasma we call good the ol' planet Oit.

A cursory word about Earth and the Moon.  These bodies are not Wanderers, not Planets.  The Earth is a Hologram and the Moon is the internal emblem of the lens that focuses the image field into the false sphere of curved space.  In the fullest sense, the Earth and Moon are the product of the co-ordinated efforts of the Great Planetary Spheres - the product, and not more.

Mercury is tricky.  Sometimes called the Thrice Great, Mercury has no real personality at all, not because it is a Zero, but because it defies any label except quick.  The secret nature of Mercury is that of a high-speed processor.  To enter the sun, one must pass through Mercury much as one must pay a toll at a gate or buy a ticket for a movie.  Mercury is all business, and for this reason is sometimes called the Thief. Its power is transmuted and extracted from exterior sources.

In music Mercury is the Octave, a note in perfect harmony with Do, the first note of the scale.  This happenstance is the basis of the confusion of Mercury with the personality of the Magician and the Number 8.

And at last, our blue souls glowing, we plunge into the Sun, which we find not a great body, but a tiny point, merely imaginary, the core of the self, where billions upon billions pour themselves into sacrifice for the implication of a light and heat that does not exist, into the dulcet harmony of Do Re and Me, the first, second and third notes of the scale, and forever outward whence we come on ripples of consecrated bliss.

It is here, after our first journey from the noumenon, the outreaches of Uranus, and into the core of the Self - the Sun - that we are given to consider that which reaches past Saturn and beyond the measure of Time and Space.

For many, this frontier demands a recap of the Life of a Time, a Time Line, and such travelers, as all have been past, must re-incorporate into the linear streams of Akasha and back into the Sun.  This journey can be repeated as often as wished, and usually is.  Trouble is, these curtain calls have the sublime tendency of enhancing the performer until he or she threatens to become, let's say, bigger than Time.  Such infamy is impolite, and the refined soul will exeunt stage left to avoid the loss of their discreet personality into a larger archetype.

It is such maturity alone that allows entrance through the Gates of Uranus, Uranus the Comedian and true Magician of the Super 8, who bars the passage of anything sacred, and into the Violet Essence of the real mystic, but one of an ecclesia of artists that share just two qualities among them: that of an altogether unique self identity and a taste for lowbrow humor...

...or as some like to call it Comedia Ultraismo - the Old Ultra Violets.  Comedy is difficult and difficult comedy is somehow funnier with each new examination.  As an example of my own expertise - that of a mere acolyte - I proffer the notion that certain films and novels, notorious for their reputation of profundity and moral import, are in fact resplendent baroque farce and best discussed in the shithouse over a schwitz. Kubrick, T.S. Eliot, Fellini and Joyce, and Tolle (a personal fav) are fine examplars.  Francis Bacon is supreme for shaking a spear.

For the fettered souls we leave behind, within Karma, which is Space, and Dogma, which is Time, the story of the sovereign self cycles glumly repetitious in the Theater of The Tragi-Hysterical just as Megan Follows.  To refresh our humors and to last, we recall the Tragedy of Human Suffering and History of Human Striving.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Bacon's funniest, is crypto-tragic, because its content implies the inferiority of the mortal.  The joke is on you, for when the intellect, the academic, the poet, and the poser laugh at the Comedy, it is a laugh of self-deprecation, of self-pity, of self-loathing. Laughter yes, but circumscribed by the ineluctable distance between the mortal and the heavily advertised divine.

To the young mind, the tragic mind, the mind without sufficient evidence of pattern, All is Tragedy and its laughter is a callow, hollow ruse without a memory.

The transition to History promises growth, but wilts upon the vine.  The Tempest, the sole Baconian opus that can not be specifically classed as Tragedy, History or Comedy and with pretension to the 'mystic self', is the favorite muse of the Historically Grateful Dunderhead.  Our lives, we are told, are dust - a touch...

...of gray, no more to say.  To know this is to plunge with 'the fervor of necessity' into the Mercantile Operation of the Alchemical Wedding, which aims to ensure immortality through the line of our seminal genesis and work product.  To become, in simple terms, a businessman - and get down to business.

On first blush, such pursuit seduces the aging mind with the promise of dignity and the social honors that come with.  But, and precisely at the moment of pattern recognition, which is simultaneous with the inner birth of the sovereign self, the Historical model shatters.  Caliban Sees Himself.  Caliban Sees Nothing.

The moment is defined astronomically as a threshold on the souls journey away from the Sun Sacrifice and back into the Akasha, when it sees Jupiter, shall we say Eye to Eye, which is the extreme moment of self awareness inside of Time.  It is to look into one's own third-eye, and go blind at once. 

The preferred response is to re-juvenate into the Tragic mode, and return to the Sun.

Yet in this place, a few brave souls face at last the Leap of Laughter which I conclude is the only technique to cross the Abyss of Da'ath and into perfect light - and this Leap is A Leap of Faith.  Faith not of a Dogma or of a System but instead the cheerful and optimistic Faith in Oneself - Oneself on the Edge of Nothing.

Now, the comedian reads Hamlet and finds neither a Tragedy, nor even a specific story worth repeating, but a Colossal Cluster of Crazed Comic Corkscrews, Fugal Frolics and Bawdy Bathroom Phoney Bones. The whole she-bang of it is a one liner and when staged properly oughtta quite literally rib-tickle its audience to death.

- LOLOTF, OMG, I'm Dead!
- Haha! What? U2!
- 2B or not 2B, WTF?
- Tubey or not Tubey?
- I prefer rice.
- I feel ya.
- I missed her potato head.
- Alas, Yorick. Porridge.

OK. Corny I know, but as stated, Comedy is Difficult.  So, can you forgive a fumble in the light of my promise that All of It is a Joke?  A Great Cosmic Whoopee Cushion, so sublime that once you get the punch you will start to laugh, stopping only to cry, until at last released of the ballast of your tears you begin to chuckle from the bottom of your soul.   Without the slightest fear of heresy at Comedy so Absurd it can only be called Divine.

T or H or C, my hidden friend, it is up to only thee.
The Comedy at History's end is good enough for me.

Also, a little reefer does wonders, I am told.

But then again, what do I know... I'm just Mark LeClair - and may have slighted the Moon.


  1. Holy sublime sh*t storm your foam is angelic!
    May your orifices shine nightly afrightly.
    A verdant smell of incense ringed in Lala.
    The power of your flower, a maybee submission.
    Knowing THC oft, got high here magically without.

    Praise thee to the Seventh son of Seventh son!

  2. Thanks eugene and man alive,

    I am not just saying this: you are one hell of a poet...

    To be encoded into your high-cool verse is an honor.



  3. Hey there.
    I was hoping to find a direct way to contact you so I wouldn't have to break character, but oh well.

    I really appreciate what you do. Your clever has a depth and knowledge behind it that I strive for.

    I have been playing a bit of a con on you. Ish and I are together. [to get her?] So Peter Pan and Pinocchio go to party island. . .

    This THC piece is very fine. It illuminates things that Ish and I have worked on. I hope you know I was laughing the WHOLE time. Your comeback to the idea of a rift in the philosophy of the whole vis-à-vis you against Jake blew my mind. So funny. The idea of V. creates a duality that isn't necessarily there. This realization happens to me when I begin to see Tolle and Crowley as the same guy.

    Anyway, Bravo!
    I think I'm going away for a while. I need some self integration. My indiviual and my collective are really at odds and I need to find a balance in a healthy productive way or I'm going to a). start using hard drugs, b). fall of the wagon after 18 years, or c). become a Cheetah like Tiger.

    I'll keep watching I think, but I can't engage for a time.

    I hope that you are able to translate these underworld wanderings into something real. I would be interested in you fiction or your essays on philosophy. I hope someone pays you is what I'm saying.

    take care and be well.

  4. Dear Eunus,

    Thank you for your words of kindness.

    I was really loving our battle royal. I didn't know you were tongue in cheek, so you got me good, and I applaud the conspiracy.

    Game Set and Match! Bravo.

    I don't mind being kidded or seriously criticized, in fact, it adds a thrill of importance to my highly isolated life. So...

    I am a bit disappointed that our melee must end so soon, but I admit I am gladder to know that I somewhere out there, under the name of one Eunus Noe, I may have found a friend and ally.

    Peace and Good Times to you, Good Sir...

    Mark (Da WWWiz, Artislav Mel)

  5. A quite good read, I must say. Especially liked the blindness followed by a Leap of Laughter/faith, which reminded me of Neo in The Matrix pt.3 getting blinded then leaping his hovercraft over the defensive lines of the Machine City.

  6. Hey Violator

    Thanks Bro'. Your kudos lift my spirit.

  7. Dear Artislav!
    Well, I wrote and it got deleted, but it was short, so i write again. I wanted to thank you for absolutely cementing and adding to my utter admiration for Stanley K. Secondly, your writing and insight is exquisite, I have forwarded to many friends. I also wondered if I may send you some film pieces I have made, my email is murmurfilm(AT)gmail(DOT)com
    All the best...

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